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The Republic of Buryatia, a part of the Russian Federation, is situated in Eastern Siberia and is bordered by Lake Baikal to the northwest and the boundless steppes of Mongolia to the south.


Three-quarters of Buryatia is mountainous, its highest point is the peak Munco-Sardyc (3491 m) in the Sayan mountains. Buryatia with its blessed fragrant steppes, taiga cedars, the crystal-clear Lake Baikal with sandy beaches offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity of Nature and the spirit of its ethnic people, well known for their hospitality.


Buryatia, the centre of Buddhism in Russia, is a place where three religions coexist peacefully: Shamanism, Buddhism and Christianity.

Ulan-Ude, capital of Buryatia, founded in 1666 by Russians on the Uda river, is the third city in the Eastern Siberia. It is a big administrative, industrial, scientist and cultural centre of the Republic.


Tourists will be interested in special sightseeings offered to guests in Ulan-Ude: national Fine Art Gallery, out-door Ethnography Museum, the Nature Museum, Historical Museum with unique collection of Buddhist sculptures and icons, visit to the Tibetan Medicine Centre.


The real purl of Ulan-Ude is Buryat State Opera and Ballet Theatre, built by Moscow and Buryat architects in national style.


The most interesting is the visit to Datsan (Buddhist Temple) in Ivolginsk, the first acting Buddhist Monastery in Russia, built in 1946.


Tourists have also the opportunity to visit Starovers' village (old believers' village) and to get aquaintance with the nowadays life of these Russian orthodox groups, appeared in Buryatia 300 years ago after a split of Russian Orthodox Church in 17th century.





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