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SAINT-PETERSBURG was founded in 1703 by Tzar Peter the Great where the Neva flows into the Baltic Sea. The birth of the city was a historical borderline between the Russian Middle Ages and the New Era. The most advanced outpost of Russia on the western frontiers and the main port on the Baltic, it became truly a window into Europe. The Russian Mavy, the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Arts, the first museums and the first theatres were all built on the banks of the Neva, and it was there, too, that Russian industry was developed.

For two centuries, St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia and the focus of the country's political, scientific and cultural life. Eminent scientific, scholars, writers, composers and artists lived there. It is inseverably associated with the names of Lomonosov, Mendeleyev, Pushkin, Gogol, Nekrasov, Dostoyevsky, Gorky, Glinka, Mussorgsky, Bryullovand Repin...

The city on the Neva was the first to be built in Russia according to single plan and is one of the world's finest achievements in town planning. The majestic ensembles and monumental structures were created from the designs or remarkable architects such as Trezzini, Rastrelli, Quarenghi, Voronikhin, Zakharov, Thomas de Thomon, Rossi and Montferrand.


You will have opportunities to visit the Hermitage, famous Fine Art Museum, the Peter-and-Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, suburbs of Saint-Petersburg (Pushkin and Pavldvsk), to see palaces and fountains of Peterhof (the summer residence of Russian tsars).

Its historic centre is a vast open-air museum with the majestic, full-flowing Neva confined in granite, with the solemn ensembles of the squares, with the cosy gardens and quiet embankments of small rivers and canals over which hang the motionless silhouettes of the bridges.

Spread out over forty-four islands, this city is beautiful at all times of year. And especially during the magic time of the White Nights.





  • City tour by bus or private car with experience guides speaking all European languages (half-day);
  • Peter-and-Paul Fortress;
  • Hermitage museum (European Art);
  • Russian Museum (Russian painting);
  • St Issak's Cathedral;
  • Church of Savour on the Blood;
  • Catherine Summer Palace in Pushkin;
  • Paul I Palace in Pavlovsk;
  • Petergof (Palaces and water gardens Summer residence of Russian tsars);
  • Kazan's Cathedral;
  • Alexander Nevsky Lavra;
  • Smolny Cathedral;
  • Kunstkamera museum;
  • Menshikov Palace;
  • Yusupov Palace;
  • Walking Nevsky prospect;
  • "St-Petersburg by night";
  • "Bridges and embankments of St-Petersburg" (by boat)
  • Mariinsky theatre and other theatres and circus
  • Other museums and visits on request.