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Pskov is one of the ancient cities of Russia with basic trends of medieval architecture. It is located on the high bank of the Velikaya river.


The first written reference to the city, dated 903, comes up in "The Tale of Bygone Years", the first Russian chronics. In 1156 the Novgorod and Pskov Archbishop Nifon sanctified the Cathedral of the Spas-Mirozhsky Monastery, which he ordered to be founded on the territory where the Mirozh and Velikaya rivers joined. Modern and historical architecture are well married in Pskov.


The heart of the city is the Krom (the Kremlin or Citadel) with the Holy Trinity Cathedral of white limestone (1699). The entire territory of the ancient city can be regarded as an open-air museum. Extant in the city are over 100 monuments of medieval architecture. Among them the Transfiguration Cathedral of the Mirozhsky Monastery decorated by world famous frescos (12th c.).


The most recent specimen of modern art is the monument to Alexander Nevsky, great Russian Prince, deliberated Russia from Swedish occupants. Pskov region gives us all of the joy of the magic places and still retains the feelings of the bygone days.


The main tourist attractions are the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery (founded in 1473), the citadel Izbor and Pushkinskiye Gory with Mikhailovskoje village, property of Alexander Pushkin' mother, which is nowadays a State's museum of the great Russian poet.


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