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Together with our English partner GW Travel Ltd. ROSTRAVEL Ltd. opened a new page in exotic tours in Russia.

In 1996 was operated the first steam hauled tour over the Trans-Siberian main line, the most ambitious steam tour ever run. Many people doubted that such a mammoth tour could ever come to fruition. In fact the tour ran like clockwork and it was repeated i n1998 with similar success. In 2000 it was completed and included a large part of the BAM as well. In 2003 a special Trans-Siberian Steam Express marked the 100-th anniversary of the first through train from St-Petersburg to Vladivostok. Since, every year a new fabulous trip is proposed to our customers: Caspian Steam Express (from the imperial splendour of St-Petersburg, to Moscow and through the North Caucasus to Volgograd and the Caspian Sea at Astrakhan), Arctic Circle Steam Express "White nights" (unforgettable journey in June from the former Imperial Capital north through the Russian Lake District (Karelia), across the Arctic circle to the nothern outpost of Murmansk, travelling via different capitals of Baltic States. Some years this tour varies and then Russian North is opened more with Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Veliky Ustyug and Vorkuta, the Arctic Urals and Labytnangi. The tour ends in the thriving capital of Moscow), Trans-Caucasian Steam Express (trip through the fabulous scenery of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, from the Black Sea to the Caspian and through the foothills of the Caucasian Mountains and Mount Ararat), Southern Republics and Silk Road (trip along the Silk Road to the main ancient) Uzbek cities, across the Kazakhstan desert to the Caspian Coast and Russian caviar capital of Astrakhan till St-Petersburg via Volgograd, Ryazan and Moscow).


Seeing Russia by private train is the best relaxing way of traversing our country and experiencing first-hand the people, cultures and traditions.

The train itself gives you a unique opportunity to see beautiful Russian landscape without even going out of your comfortable compartment of our "hotel-on-wheels". The train includes air-conditioned sleeping cars with single or twin compartments, restaurant car, lounge/bar car, shower car, laundry and ironing, bathrobe and slippers for every tourist.


Our prime goal is to provide customers with the most unique, comfortable and safe adventure possible. We also strive to ensure the best available in all we provide from on-train services to off-train tours, guides and hotels to make your travel experience the most enjoyable and memorable ever.





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